One day Mekong River cruise Luang Prabang to Huay Xai

We providing one day boat trip journey Mekong River cruise Luang Prabang to Huay Xai or Chiang Rai by the River, without stop an overnight in Pakbeng, its safe time for destination, the best way to go to northern Thailand.

The boat riding is slow 20 -25 kilometers/ per hours and the boat takes 12-13 hours to get to the border. The boat is comfortable it is more space for walking space: 30×3, 5 meters, its weighs 30 -60 tons the boat is cover with the roof, it can travel all year round, there are blankets, 4 sleeper beds, hot water, some fruit, tea, coffee, you can help yourself to these refreshments, enjoy the fresh air as well as sitting at your own table.

It an adventure boat, should have faith in the boat men driver, he got an experience more than 20 years old

You can travel any time in dry season or raining season, don’t want to get wet.
Upstream need more power for the engine 80% spend to the gasoline 10% for the boat man and 10% for the service charge for the company.

Enjoy your vacation in Laos on the Mekong River. The both of the river is beautiful nature.

One day Mekong Smile River Cruise
One day Mekong River Cruise from Luang Prabang to Huay Xai
Buddha caves

Tour program: One day Mekong River Cruise from Luang Prabang to Huay Xai (cross the border on the same day)

We will pick you up at your hotel at 5:30 am to go to the slow boat dock and the boat will depart at 6 am
The boat will journey up the mighty River, where the local community live on the both side of the Mekong River
On the boat for the soft drink, Lao beers, no wine, but you can take way, don’t including, you have to pay extra.

The boat will passing the Pak Ou caves, there are two caves, there are thousands of Buddha images are displayed and the local people still come to worship and pay their respects. This is a natural cave next to the river bank.
You can enjoy the local community and its daily life by seeing fisher men as they catch fish in the morning and the evening throughout the trip.
The car go carrying goods up and down on the river and the speed boat will running through us on the way, they take speed short time to go somewhere.

One day Mekong Smile River Cruise

This is an adventure river and it may rock as you encounter rapids on the Mekong River along the way. In the dry season you may come across rocks and sand beaches, when is raining season the rocks is under the river.
Lunch time is a buffet at noon on the boat with vegetarian options also available.

Lunch Mekong Smile River Cruise

Midday you will passing Pakbeng

A small town call Pakbeng one of the check point and the half way for the tours who will takes the boat trip 2 day stop an overnight here.
There are restaurants, hotels, guesthouses, resorts, bakeries and bars
Quits the town will shut down 10 pm one main road.

The local people live on the both side on the Mekong River, the people who live in this area some villages have electricity and however most of them are poor and some people now have satellite dishes and TV. They are agricultures, they grow crops such as corn, green bean, yam, mountain rice, rice paddy field, pumpkin
On the way you will see the teak tree the local grow for sell, it take time but no choice, they cat the tree for furniture, the leap is big right green, straight tree near the river bank.

Hill tribe on the way
One day Mekong Smile River Cruise

And someone looking gold in the Mekong River, they correct the sand under the rock, they looking for the black sand, they got not much about 30,000 kip each day, most of the people looking gold in dry season when the river is low. But they can looking gold all the year after they are free.
One of the special rock, its nature rock erosion by the strong water thousands and thousands of years, shaped like a dog’s head, it was amazing rock,

Our boat will stop at Paktha for checkpoint just for couple minutes, then continues journey about 25 minutes you will passing the Thai border on the right side, this border all the way to golden triangle so the river is the border. When you get to the pier, we have minivan to pick you up and take you to your hotel or to the border.

The cost:
1. The cost US$1,700 for 2 adults
2. The cost US$2,700 per group
3. The lunch cost US$12 each

One day boat trip Luang Prabang to Huay Xai.
Pick you up at your hotel in Luang Prabang and drop of at the Lao border or your hotel
Fruit, coffee, water and tea on the board.
English speaking guide.

Not included:
Breakfast on the boat.
Alcohol drink and soft drink.

Private car to go to Chiang Rai, it take 2 hours, the cost 90 USD
Private car to go to Chiang Mai, it take 6 hours, the cost 160 USD
Private minivan to go to Chiang Rai, it take 2 hours the cost for private 100 USD
Private Minivan to go to Chiang Mai, it take 6 hours the cost for private 180 USD
We have minivan to drop you at your hotel in Luang Prbang (only in the town)

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